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Win a luxurious weekend at Borgo Vallone in Piemonte

21 February 2008 - Topic: construction, Facebook game

How to win:


1.Become friends with Borgo Vallone on Facebook (see the link in the right corner above).

2.Visit our new website en go to the message FaceBook on our blog, download there our profile picture and our cover photo.

3.Change for a minimum of 14 days your profile picture & cover photo for the one of Borgo Vallone.

4.Share the Facebook message the reaction DONE under need the message on our Facebook page.


So for 14 days not your own picture on Facebook but maybe a nice long weekend on Borgo Vallone Piedmont (in May or October).

The duration of this game is one month.

At the end of the month we will raffle and announce the winner.

This promotion will take one month.

At the end of the month we raffle among all participants and give away a long weekend Borgo Vallone, With of course a delicious breakfast every day and a bottle of Spumante for a romantic evening under the stars in the wood fired hot tub.

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