Piedmont’s climate is similar to that of southern France and autumn for long, hot, dry summers and short winters.

Spring, nature comes to life an oasis of beautiful shades of green with many blossoms, blooming roses and wildflowers. The month for those who after a long busy winter, to enjoy the peace, for the active among us who want to make beautiful walks or exciting cycling. The villages come back to life and everyone is busy in the fields. They are wonderful months for those who want to laze in the sun without the extreme heat of the summer months. For a refreshing dip in the pool, and at the end of an active day will recover nicely in the hottub.

High summer, with long days and warm balmy evenings. The months to stretch out to the pool to relax, to finally get that beautiful book to read, to fill all the hustle and bustle of daily life with. Nothing needs, anything goes.

September is the month of the beginning of the grape harvest, the tractors full of overripe grapes drive back and forth. It is the month of the many culinary & wine festivals. The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect for working out or lounging around the pool.

This month is the peak season from Piedmont. The grapes for the famous Barolo are picked, the smell of wine in the air. Nature at its most enticing color, with intense colors from bright orange to deep red and purple. In the valleys hangs in the morning a mystical fog. The truffle season has begun. It is the ideal time for hiking, culinary gourmets, just to enjoy the long Indian summer day and evening with a glass of red wine to relax by the fireplace or in the hot tub.