Truffle Hunting & wine tasting

Piedmont is the largest wine region in Italy, with thousands of acres of vineyards. The area is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the many authentic small vineyard. Of course there are the great wineries including the most famous of Italy “Gaja” and other major Barolo producers, but the area is mainly characterized by the hundreds of small wineries that produce many fine wines. We can organize wine tasting for you and lesser known wineries. tastings with the winemaker himself by walking through the fields and lets you get acquainted with his world, to cozy candlelight dinners in his courtyard.

The truffle is one of the many culinary delights of Piedmont. In the fall, everything is in the sign of this delicacy, the smell of the truffles in the air and the entire month of October there are festivals in honor of this precious gold. During the night hours, the pressure in the woods, here are Trifulau with their best dogs in search of this precious delicacy. In the month of October, you can find yourself looking for the famous white truffle, along with a Trifulau go into the woods. During the summer we can organize truffle hunts, not only to the famous white truffle, but the search for the black summer truffle is no less fun by.