The Alba region is where your journey into the world of flavours, colors, and fragrances begins. It is home to many of the world’s most famous wines. Endless vineyards with Nebbiolo grapes cover the hills. Old villages such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Neive take you back in history.

It is also the world of the “Trifulau”, the truffle hunters, a mystic world of exciting night searches for the famous White Truffle.

Canelli is one of the world’s sparkling wine capitals. It lies in the midst of a hilly landscape characterise by perfectly lined vineyards dotted with old clusters of farm houses, market by a network of nature trails. Restaurants of excellent quality and cuisine abound. It’s a small world of good living. But the real secret lies buried under this historic city.

Here you will find the famous underground cathedrals which are hidden but very much alive. Many of the best wines of the regions are produced in these underground caves according to ancient rythyms and techniques. The thirteen kilmeters of tunnels, tasing rooms and galleries are a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The ancient thermal city of Acqui Terme has been known for its curative waters since Roman times. Today it still boasts one of the most impressive examples of a hyper thermal bubbling spring at the Piazza Bollene in the center of town, where the water bubbles out of the ground at a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. It is one of the oldest spa cities in Italy and has kept its antique charm.

Wandering around the small, charming streets which circle round the “Piazza Duomo”, you will find beautiful painted houses, lovely small boutiques, and many restaurants to enjoy the famous Piemontese cuisine. The city is surrounded by Brachetto and Dolcetto vineyards which produce wonderful wines and some of the best Grappe in Italy