It’s late in the day. You are driving through hills and are surrounded by vineyards. From the valley, mist slowly rises, and the contour of the villages and castles stand out against the horizon. You find yourself tempted by a glass of ruby barbera in one of the many lovely country restaurants. You close your eyes and enjoy the silence, the aromas, and the flavours – your holiday in Piedmont has begun. A journey into the world of flavours, colors and fragrances. Piedmont, literally translated, means “the land at the foot of the mountains”. It’s a region of wine, truffles, castles, and rolling hills covered with vines. The wine colours the landscape and the daily life. Many of the beautiful wines produced in this area are world-famous like the beautiful reds from Barolo and Barbaresco, The sparkling Moscato from Asti and the delicious white from Gavi. Equally rich is the “slow” cuisine. But there is more to discover Piedmont had an important roll in the unification of Italy in which the dynasties of Savoie played a big part. The inheritance of the Savoie is huge, hidden between the endless hills you find many castles, burgs and picturesque villages. Piemonte must be discovered. Begin by indulging your senses and allowing yourself to be surprised by the big and small secrets of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

B&B Borgo Vallone lies approximately 3 km outside the town Olmo Gentile on an altitude of circa 500 meter. Olmo Gentile is the smallest municipality of Italy with 98 inhabitants.

Distances to close by cities
Acqui Terme: 25 km
Alba: 35 km
Turin: 90 km
Milan: 150 km
Nice: 190 km
Genoa: 80 km